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Miami Florida Medical Marijuana

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Medical Marijuana in Miami

Miami is one of the most vibrant cities in the United States, and a highlight of the state of Florida. Residents of Miami have long been heralded as cutting edge, laid back, and health focused. Due to these lifestyle traits, Miami is one of the major hubs for medical marijuana treatment in Florida. Doctors and patients flock to this area to give and receive compassionate care for debilitating illnesses. If you have been under the care of a doctor for more than three months, you might be eligible for a medical marijuana card in Miami.

Marijuana Doctors in Miami

You have several options for compassionate care through licensed and experienced cannabis prescribing medical marijuna doctors in Miami. Should you choose to not use our form to schedule your medical marijuana evaluation, you can choose another Miami-based clinic. Comprehensive Health Center is one of Miami's best rated marijuana doctor's offices, and their fee for a visit is $225. Vior Pain Management is geared toward patients who deal with chronic pain or conditions that cause chronic somatic pain. Also found in Maimi, their fee for a treatment visit is $125. Arviv Medical is another well-known compassionate care center in Miami, with a $200 price tag for each visit. Green Health is on the south west side of the city, while Miami Marijuana Doctor and Miami 420 Marijuana Doctor both hold offices in the northern part of Coral Terrace.

Dispensaries in Miami

If you need to fill your prescription and would like a variety of options, Miami is a good place to obtain your medical marijuana and cannabinoid treatments. In fact, Miami 420 Marijuana Doctor has its own dispensary, which makes it a popular Coral Terrace location for patients in Florida. Medical Marijuana Miami is one of the pioneers of cannabis dispensaries in both Florida and the Miami area, and has found itself a niche in offering a great variety of products for different ailments.

A word of caution about Miami's dispensaries: They are not all created equal, and they do not all carry the same products. It is best to check with your preferred dispensary before walking in the door to avoid several trips and wasted time prior to receiving your medical marijuana. You have to let the state know what retailer you are using, and you can only change that dispensary choice with 14 days notice. Miami cannabis is still highly regulated in Florida, even though you can obtain it for medical means. Make sure to strictly follow all legal and medical guidelines to avoid interruption in your treatment.